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The future of Illinois rests on investment in Latino youth, who represent the fastest growing segment of public school students.


Latinos and English Learners have equitable educational opportunities across the education spectrum leading to economic prosperity.


Increase college readiness and improve four-year college completion rates for Latinos (most of whom are at one-point English Learners) in Illinois.

Research is clear:

This long-term educational goal is best reached by focusing policy attention and investments in the early years of education (birth-to-age 8). The cornerstone of the Forum’s past accomplishments and future action is to promote policy changes aimed at enhancing equitable access to quality early learning and K-12 opportunities that are responsive to linguistic and cultural diversity.

The work is centered around four key areas:

The Education Team engages in this work by convening the community and key stakeholders, using legislative advocacy and engaging in strategic research, policy and practice partnerships.

For more information, contact the Education Director of Policy and Research: 
Rebecca Vonderlack-Navarro, PhD at rvnavarro@latinopolicyforum.org