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UnidoUS Midwest Regional Affiliate of the Year Award 2022

The Latino Policy Forum is pleased to accept the 2022 UnidosUS Midwest Regional Affiliate of the Year award!

The regional award is an honor bestowed on Affiliates for their exemplary work in serving its community and advancing the mission of UnidosUS.

commend your dedication to the Latino community, and the support you provide to the UnidosUS Affiliate Network, specially in the Midwest region,” wrote Irene Cuyún Vice President, Affiliate Partnerships & Development in a letter to Sylvia Puente, President and CEO, Latino Policy Forum.

“This award is a testament to the collective vision and energy of the  dedicated staff and community leaders that I am privileged to serve with,” said Puente. “Together we strengthen our community. Adelante!”

Sylvia Puente receiving the 2022 UnidosUS Midwest Regional Affiliate of the Year award

Puente accepted the recognition at the Siempre Adelante: Our Quest for Equity, 2022 UnidosUS Annual Conference in San Antonio, Texas. 

The Forum works to build the power, influence, and leadership of the Latino community through collective action to transform public policies that ensure the well-being of our community and society as a whole.

Among the Forum’s accomplishments in the past year are:

The award was presented at the conference Awards Gala on Monday, June 11. The Forum is honored to be among the many recipients of the Affiliate of the Year award; Felicidades a todos! 

About the Latino Policy Forum

Through advocacy and analysis, the Forum builds a foundation for equity, justice and economic prosperity for the Latino community. By catalyzing policy change, the Forum works to improve education outcomes, advocate for affordable housing, promote just immigration policies and strengthen community leadership.

About UnidosUS

Since 1968, UnidosUS has served the Hispanic community through research, policy analysis, and state and national advocacy efforts, as well as in their program work in communities nationwide and through our network of over 300 affiliates across the country.