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Rosario Hernandez

Senior Education Policy Analyst

Rosario Hernandez is an Education Policy Analyst at the Latino Policy Forum who advocates for early childhood education (ECE) policy that promotes equitable services for Latino and English Learner families. She works to create a greater understanding of cultural and linguistic strengths and draws upon community assets to improve ECE programs and systems.

Additionally, Rosario works to equip parents and caregivers with tools to support their children's early development and boost their school readiness through various workshops. She also contributes to the coordination and implementation of other education advocacy and policy efforts at the Forum, including the shortage of bilingual and Latino educators.

Rosario's deep level of passion for high-quality education stems from personal and working experiences. As a daughter to immigrant parents and former English Learner raised in La Villita, Chicago, she bore witness to the importance of parent involvement in positive academic and mental health outcomes. Now she seeks to inform, influence, and lead public policy debates in early childhood and bilingual education. 

Rosario received her Master's of Social Work with a focus on Interpersonal Practice and Mental Health from the University of Michigan. Contact her at rhernandez@latinopolicyforum.org.