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Por Judith Palma, Coordinadora de Redes Sociales, Latino Policy Forum

Hoy, el Latino Policy Forum se enorgullece de presentar Derechos de vivienda para inquilinos inmigrantes, una guía completa sobre las protecciones de los inquilinos, los recursos de vivienda accesibles y las responsabilidades y obligaciones de los propietarios.

El Latino Policy Forum cree que todas las personas tienen derecho a un hogar seguro y estable para construir un mejor futuro para ellos y sus familias. Creamos este manual como un recurso único para inquilinos y defensores de la vivienda. La guía incluye referencias a la Ley General de Derechos de Vivienda del Estado de Illinois, a las ordenanzas de la... Continue Reading

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By Judith Palma, Social Media Coordinator, Latino Policy Forum

Today, the Latino Policy Forum is proud to present Housing Rights for Immigrant Tenants, a comprehensive guide to tenant protections, accessible housing resources, and landlord responsibilities and obligations.

The Latino Policy Forum believes all people have the right to a safe and stable home to build better futures for themselves and their families. We created this handbook as a one-stop resource for tenants and housing advocates. The guide includes references to Illinois State Law General Housing Rights, city and county ordinances that apply to landlords and tenants regardless of immigration status, information on lockouts and... Continue Reading

This letter an excerpt from Sylvia Puente’s keynote comments from Latinos on the Move 2021: Together We Persevere.

Friends and neighbors,  

It has been a world of difference since this time last year, when the COVID-19 vaccine first became available to the public. I will never forget when our Illinois Unidos partner Dr. Marina Del Rios received the first vaccine in Chicago. Thankfully, the vaccine is now widely available, but I’m sure that many of you are feeling the same as I am today: tired, worn out, and having trouble focusing when thinking about all of these stresses and challenges arising from our recent crises and this never-ending pandemic. 

... Continue Reading

Analysis on line items for education, immigration, housing, and other areas affecting Latinos in Illinois

By Latino Policy Forum staff

As the world enters year three of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Illinois Latino community faces an uphill climb to address the pandemic’s pervasive impact on areas including economic recovery, educational attainment, employment, public health, and mental health. In his FY23 State of the State and Budget Address on Wednesday, Governor JB Pritzker laid out a plan that elevated health and safety measures, including vaccination efforts, as keys to the state’s recovery.

In 2021, the Latino Policy Forum, alongside partners Illinois Unidos and the Illinois Latino Agenda 2.0,... Continue Reading

Addressing long COVID requires better data reporting.

By Noreen Sugrue, Director of Research, Latino Policy Forum 

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic burst into the spotlight nearly two years ago, the Latino Policy Forum has been advocating that all COVID-related data be reported at the hyper-local level and by race and ethnicity, as well as by age. The impetus for the Forum’s strong push on this issue was that the aggregate data, and the data that didn’t include race and ethnicity, were not reflecting what was really happening in the Latino community. The Forum recognized that if the data were not accurately showing the experiences of Latinos, there was a good chance that the numbers were not accurately reflecting... Continue Reading